Entry [[:wikt:ru:airplane]]. Screenshot of the open-source Android software kiwidict-ru 0.091 with data extracted from the Russian Wiktionary.


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Wikokit - machine-readable Wiktionary (or Wiktionary parsed database)


The Wiktionary parser source code (Java) and documentation are available at GitHub: https://github.com/componavt/wikokit.

PHP framework to work with Wiktionary parsed database is available at GitHub: https://github.com/componavt/piwidict.

English Wiktionary

Parsed English Wiktionary SQL dumps (MySQL): Source English Wiktionary SQL dumps (MySQL) (only tables ...-pages-articles.xml.bz2, ...-pagelinks.sql.gz and ...-categorylinks.sql.gz from Wikimedia downloads):

Russian Wiktionary

Parsed Russian Wiktionary SQL dump (MySQL): Source Russian Wiktionary SQL dump (MySQL) (only tables ...-pages-articles.xml.bz2, ...-pagelinks.sql.gz and ...-categorylinks.sql.gz from Wikimedia downloads): Archives:

Various exports from parsed Russian Wiktionary


YARN - open WordNet-like thesaurus for Russian. Download Russian Wiktionary nouns in YARN XML-format: