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CAPE_Tk: Clips and Perl with Extensions and Perl/Tk. A programming environment supporting inter-calling between the Clips rule-based system and Perl with Tk graphical user interface under Windows 9x/NT.

My current project requires to gather together: expert system, ontology editor, and some RAD language for GUI. The most suitable things are: CLIPS, Protege, and Perl/Tk. I have found CAPE which binds Perl with CLIPS, thanks to Robert Inder. I have changed some things in C++ to run CAPE under Win32 (from Unix), see list of changes.



Download: cape_tk_01.rar. Size: 1 321 Kb. GPL licence.

This version of CAPE works under OS Windows 9x/XP.

The development tools are Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 (C++) and Perl 5.8.3.


Building CAPE_Tk

To build using Visual C++ 6.0 under Windows 9x/XP:

  1. Install Perl.
  2. Use the CLIPS workspace CLIPS_CAPE_VC6\CLIPS\CLIPS.dsw
  3. Compile twice it (after first compilation you've got errors). Now you have got perl_tk\CAPE.exe. Check that your compile settings are Release, not Debug!
  4. Set your host and port in perl_tk\client\client.bat (Client)
  5. Set server port in perl_tk\ (Server). Ports of client and server should be equal.
  6. Run perl_tk\server.bat and perl_tk\client\client.bat
  7. Write CLIPS command in CLIPS input dialog, e.g. (+ 2 2)

To build on a Unix machine take and use source CAPE (designed for Unix). top